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website maintenance services

Businesses these days thrive on website because they are the most popular medium of interaction between a company and its customers. Before making any purchase, customers do their research, which mainly includes visiting the websites of concerned product providers. A bland and inefficient website maintenance services is one of the major reasons to drive off traffic from one business webpage to an alternate service provider. Even if a business has launched an efficient and appealing website, the business-owner cannot think his job is over. Business website demands continuous maintenance. This article entails 6 useful tips for website maintenance.

We agree that website maintenance is a huge responsibility and sometimes it becomes a baggage too, but this is something which cannot be ignored if you wish to stay competitive. These useful tips are a guide to keep your business relevant and competitive.

1.      Enrich your website maintenance services with new content regularly:

Content plays a vital role in the success of a website. Having a business website demands you to be continuously on your toes about content posting. For website maintenance services , review your static content for updates and corrections, so that your business wins credibility and trust. Fresh content, relevant to consumer behavior, will invite more traffic and web activity. Also, the terms & conditions page should be up-to-date for legal issues. In case, you have discontinued or included certain products or services, you must go through relevant content about those products/services.

2.      Multiple Browser Compatibility of Website

“Commonly used web browsers include Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, safari, IE, etc”. To ensure functioning of your business website, make sure that all the aspects of your website designs are working in all browsers perfectly. With the help of browser shots you can compare the screenshots of your website in multiple browsers and on multiple platforms.

3.      Keep a check on broken links

There is nothing more frustrating for a user to run into a broken link or error 404. Every business owner must check for broken links, as part of website maintenance services, at regular intervals of time. A broken link does not reflect well on business, and brings bad reputation for the company. If a user runs into broken link, or ‘page not found’, most probably he will not coming to your web page again.

In case of a linked business, which is no longer part of your business, you might want to take off the pages and information about them. It is good practice to check for all these kinds of frustrating links and remove them.

4.      Take care of the Speed

Given the current circumstances, time is the most valuable resource. No one wants to spend another extra second waiting for your business web to respond. While you are at mission website maintenance, make sure that your website is speedy and responsive. A visitor is not going to sit tied to the other end of screen, waiting for the website to respond- he will jump to another service provider, and you will lose one potential client. To test the speed of your website, you can use tools such as Google Page Speed, Yahoo! YSlow, Internet Explorer’s Page test, etc.

Too many graphics or heavy content on a webpage also slows down the loading speeding. Do not use more than two animated links per page to keep your website fast and speedy.

5.      Website Maintenance Services Allow Two-way Interaction with user

 While you can communicate with your users through a webpage and all the fancy content you have put up, make sure you allow the users to interact with you. Providing a space for users to express their opinions, or to interact with you in the form of comments, feedbacks, trackbacks, suggestions etc. can help you in website maintenance. Through their feedback, you can get to know about bugs and errors in your website designs. So, you can improve your website by fixing those errors. A good practice in this regard is to ask your users to rate your website, and also seek comments from people on social networking sites, design forums etc. Their responses can be your guiding principles in improving functionality and usability of your website design in the long run.

6.      Search Engine Friendly Website

You can make a business website search engine friendly using W3C compliance, pixel perfect and Semantic mark up. Other SEO practices, such as adding Meta descriptions, title tags, keyword optimization, and guest blogging can also help a website gain high search engine rankings.

Conclusion Of Website Maintenance Services

Tremendous market competition and continuously changing needs of customers compel the business owners to keep improving their website. Keep updating the business website regularly. If you feel this is too overwhelming of a task, or you need assistance in website maintenance, contact ESP Inspire. We offer a one-stop solutions for providing web & mobile solutions including designing, development and maintenance of the web across the world.

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