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Covid Pandemic, 2020 was a thought-provoking year for all of us with its awkward zoom meeting, gallons of hand sanitizer, and looming anxiety of uncertainty. Yet, despite the conditions, we all did our best to move forward through this difficult time. During this time, many of us learned new skills like web design, gardening, writing, singing, acting, and designing.

When it comes to design, we keep a close eye on the never-ending trends of the web design 2021’s trends seem to share a common theme rather than seeking hi-tech fantasy; web developers aspire to new heights of realism. 

To put it simply, they are mixing the digital and ordinary trends to reflect just how much websites have become a part of our everyday life. That’s why we put together a comprehensive list of web design trends that we expect to see in 2021.

Let’s dive in!


This year we have seen many old things become new again, and retro fonts have witnessed the same ebb and flow in their popularity. But, on the other hand, typography is also rolling as a trend nowadays. With heavy, bold fonts, the readers instantly catch the message. Thus, combining the large fonts with neutral colors emphasizes the headlines quickly.

Parallax Animation

We experience the rising popularity of web-based animation trends this year. As a result, 2021’s web transitions and animations are getting even better and more challenging for web developers. They have to create page elements into foreground and background extremes through separation to generate a parallax effect.

Parallax animations are the optical illusion that appears when the object near to the viewer happens to move faster than objects. However, we witness this effect in our everyday routine, like viewing passing scenery while driving. However, for a website, it’s a whole way to portray animation.


Neumorphism is gaining attraction from web developers these days. This style is a success to skeuomorphism – a design approach that implies versions of familiar and outdated materials into current designs. It used to encounter them on the app icon back in 2010. However, the trend changes into a flat design that simplified the icons and made them more uniform to identify them quickly.

Neumorphism merged these two designs to introduce a new effect. It combines the physicality of skeuomorphism with the semi-flat colors to form digital embossing. This effect allows web developers to reclaim the tactile experience that was long lost in the flat design era. Moreover, this effect works to heighten the user’s connection to the design.

Abstract Art Designs

Abstract shapes, especially geometric primitives like squares, circles, cones, etc., have become popular in the era. Web developers transform these simple shapes into an aesthetic web design. In most cases, these abstract art arrangements are taking the place of stock photography and figure illustrations. While the developers include images of people, they still evoke emotions in those pictures with these designs.

These designs have bursting and vibrant colors and Pollock-Esque composition that gives energetic feelings. As a result, web pages feel alive and expressive.

Color Scheme

Given the increasingly digital demand of the job market, most people spend their time in front of their screens. Thus, it is not rare for users to experience eye strain after staring at computers for hours. Web designers, in this regard, have taken the effect of color schemes on eyes very seriously. They are focused on forming colors that are soft on the eyes.

Following this idea, the popularity of the dark mode trend emerged, which overwhelmingly dominates the screen of social media platforms in a short period. However, in 2021, website developers think outside these two extremes, i.e., dark and light. 

They are busy finding a middle ground to resolve this problem in soft color palettes like pastel blues, wholesome green, warm brown, and light pinks. These colors make the website colors less jarring and naturally induce calm and relaxation, which is impossible with pure black and pure white.

Scrolling Revolution

Scrolling is more than navigating the page, a subtle form of interaction. Therefore, the web designers in 2021 are ramping up the visual feedback for users to get the scroll. This idea can range from full-color scheme alteration to complex animated transitions and move forward to wholesale shifts in the layout. In short, website designers are focused on making each scroll feel like a new page that gives a smooth experience to users.

Products’ Digital Interpretation

You might come across a page where nail polishes are cropped in round rectangles like smartphones. This approach creates visual synergy between products and websites, making web pages feel more organic and unexpected. Products are considered the heart of websites. In 2021, the web pages have seriously regarded physical products as an inspiring design element for a website using creative digital interpretations. With websites becoming a standard part of our daily lives, this trend blends the real world with digitalization for a classy web page experience.

3D Visuals

3D designs have come a long way from the blocky edges of Geocities with the advent of higher resolution. We have seen 3D visuals weaved seamlessly into web pages, and the results are breathtaking. No doubt, they are adding to the overall user experience.

Frosted Glass Effect

Recent advances in web development allowed the easy implementation of the frosted glass effect on websites. This blurry appearance of elements behind the frosted glass helps add color to an area while also allowing text and objects to appear over it and remain readable. This effect has become a popular option in a designer’s tool and has increasingly been used as a background in place of gradients. 

In A Nutshell

2021 has the top web design trends that we encounter in our everyday life. It shows how quickly shared websites has become a part of our life, and the web developers are focused on bringing them more down to earth by combining ordinary design with digital ones. 

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