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Ultimate Guides: Tips and Tools to Make a Logo in Minutes

Designing a logo is used to be a headache for non-designers with a limited budget, and today, with user-friendly tips and logo makers, you can easily do your job.



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When people embark on new projects, you always make the mistake of “neglecting” the importance of the logo. It is often due to time, or if you already have it, you fall into the error of not thinking: am you transmitting what you want? Do your brand image accompany you in the logo? As well as the importance of colors. All colors do not convey the same, and to make a good branding, the sum of the logo and the colors must make a force to accompany your brand image. Today this post has proposed to help you understand what a logo is, the types that there are, and of course, with very visual examples to make everything more bearable.

What is a Logo?

A Logo is neither more nor less than a visual graphic element that identifies a brand, a product and, thanks to this, transmits recognition because it can differentiate itself from the rest and transmit certain information. The function of a logo is to easily memorize that brand or product in question.

Usually, the logo is made up of the name of the business, brand or product and is accompanied by another visual element.

Individual logo

In the world of digital marketing, many of your work on personal branding. You reinforce your first and last names to be easily remembered. Normally a Logo with neat typography is used. The advice is that if you are thinking of creating a logo, what this post recommends is that you do a briefing:

  • Target audiences.
  • What differentiates you from the rest?
  • What do you offer?
  • What do you want to project?
  • Prepare a SWOT analysis.
  • Build a brainstorm.
  • Sketch question. 
  • If the sketch does not convince you, go to a professional designer to help you tell him about your idea.

Online tools to create a Logo

If you are not very skilled with design programs, there are many online tools on the internet that can help you get ideas or even “get out of the way.” These logo makers would be a good helper to assist you in finishing your logo projects. Because, with their AI technology or template-driven system and massive resource, you can easily manage your project without any skills. If you want to make your logo in a short time and small budget, then just check out these useful logo makers.


DesignEvo offers you a wide variety of logo templates that you can edit for free. It is possible to insert stylized symbols with different themes and change the colors that compose them easily, among other aspects. The predesigned logo templates are very varied, so you will find the style you need. If you are who looking a tool to make your podcast logo, then you find the right place.

Likewise, you will see different fonts to give a serious or fun character to your logo. If you wish, you can download the design completely free with a size of 300×300. It is ideal for websites, as the image is sharp and sharp. To obtain a better resolution, you will have to make a single payment, the amount of which will depend on the format you require.


One of the most intuitive applications known is Canva. design a lot of things, including logos. free fonts, elements, templates, etc. You do not have to be an expert or have great skills. You can design everything that you propose since it offers you a lot of resources, and best of all, most of the elements that you can put are free.


Logaster is a very simple online tool. You have the option of exporting a free logo without a watermark. To obtain it has an affordable price if you do not have many resources. By entering the name of your brand and the type of business to which it belongs, you create several logo options, and surely some will fit. You can change fonts and any element at any time.


If you want a logo to have it already in the act, I suggest the OnlineLogoMarker tool. You have to create an account, and you can make all the designs you want. If you want to incorporate an image, you can also add it.


One of the very cool online tools is Logo Factory. Very easy to use, in 3 steps choosing elements that the tool proposes, you choose colors, typography, etc. The coolest thing about this tool that it is completely free, and you don’t have to register anywhere. On its website, you can see the instructions so that you do not miss any steps.


It is no longer a difficult task to make a logo by yourself. Wish you can use these logo makers to achieve your project. What tools do you use when designing a Logo? Wish you can find something useful for you.

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