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Hemp Botanics, located in London’s Notting Hill on Portobello Road in August’s beginning, was the first to provide what they call “100 100% legal” CBD-rich, non-psychoactive, and non-psychoactive cannabis buds. The company sold a number of its strains within the following week, with this journalist was the first to purchase these CBD Buds.

Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde is responsible for the hemp buds at Hemp Botanics. They have an exclusive club in Barcelona as well as their hemp-growing operations in Switzerland. This is the place where the trend of high CBD and low THC bud sprang up in the year 2000. It continues to gain popularity since then.

The buds grown indoors – which appear, smell and taste like the ‘real things’ are offered in different strains like Bonnie’s Cookies and Purple Haze, and have as much as 23 percent CBD. THC levels are not stated on the website of the company, although they are believed to be under 0.4%. It is also possible to purchase a 7percent CBD hash.

Hemp flower Europe must have less than 0.2 percentage of THC in order to be compliant with UK laws. This raises concerns about the legality and validity of these products. Hemp Botanics is yet to respond to inquiries regarding this matter. But, they claim on the website that the product has been legally grown in Europe.

The First United Kingdom

They’re the first high-quality hempbuds that are available in the UK as previously mentioned. In the past, those looking to take hemp to get its CBD could only do so with hemp grown to be used for industrial purposes. Typically, it’s strung out buds with a lot of seeds. It is sold on the internet as hemp tea and has CBD levels of, at most, 3-4%.

Bonnie & Clyde has launched new products that are available in the UK CBD marketplace. Despite only being available for a few weeks at the time of writing this article, the products already have 14 glowing testimonials from happy customers. CBD bubble gum.

Hemp Botanic’s Bonnie and Clyde Cherry (13-15 15% CBD)’ review was a positive one. Ben, a happy customer, stated that he’s been using Bonnie & Clyde products “incessantly for the past few months.” It’s my absolute favorite! It smells amazing! definitely one for the gourmands! “

The Real Deal

The journalist would have to agree. Ideal for vaping, smoking or pressing into rosin Hemp Botanic’s rosin and Bonnie CBD hemp buds are real. The high levels of CBD offer a significant calming effect to the mind and body. The smell and taste provide a true feeling of authenticity and pleasure for the act of eating.

This product is highly recommended if searching for CBD-rich hemp flower europe buds with no psychoactive effects. The buds will become very popular once word gets out. This is also the case in Switzerland.

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