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Tips for promoting Your Business on Quora

Quora is a question-answer platform. If you want to use this platform to promote your business, use the tips mentioned in the blog. Most of the time, you use expensive marketing methods.




You must have heard about Quora. When you make a query in the form of the question, you must have seen it ranking in top results. This is a question-and-answer platform where questions on any categories like business, love, health and fitness, travel, life, childhood, retirement, and everything in between are asked, answered and edited by internet users.

This platform allows anyone to answer the question. All answers get upvote or downvote based on the community preferences. The higher the upvotes, the more likely your answer will show up at the top results.

Quora has become a great platform where people can make any queries and answer them. When it comes to promoting your blog or website to increase traffic, you use social networking sites where you use upload posts to engage your users. When they come across them and find them interesting, they land your blog or website from there.

This is how you increase traffic to your website or blog. You may not be aware of the fact that you can also use the Quora platform to increase traffic. This is not similar to other social media platforms, so the promotion strategy will also be different. Before you get to know how you should use Quora, you must understand why you should use it.

You can demonstrate your knowledge and have a social influence on people. Apart from sharing your knowledge, you can add a link to your blog and website. Quora users will likely have more conversion rate because of the quality, although the traffic volume may not be the same as in the case of Facebook and Twitter.

How to Use Quora for the promotion of your blog or website

You have understood why you should use the Quora Platform. Now you need to know how you can use this platform to promote your blogs and websites.

As you know that this is not like other social media platforms where you will upload a post and start receiving likes, shares and comments, you will have to find a question to answer.

Find a question

Think about the questions that are relevant to your blog. You can choose questions that you have actually answered in the FAQ section of your blog or website. Then, you should start following the relevant topics, so you get questions directly in your feed.

You need to enter the keyword and get a list of questions related to your relevant topic. If you find any topics that you find applicable to your blog or website, you should start following them. You can pick any questions to answer related to your niche.

However, make sure that you check the statistics. The number of views and followers does matter. It is always suggested that you should look for those questions that have been recently posted.

This is because the number of answers will not be enough, and hence your chances will be much higher to have your answer at the top, provided you have written a high-quality answer.

How to answer the question on Quora

If you want to get your answer ranking at the top, you will have to provide value to your users. So, if you have picked a question to answer, do not beat around the bush.

Most people think that a lengthy answer indicated they have all details and can solve the purpose, but it is not that way. Users will upvote or downvote your answers based on the quality, not based on the length.

Instead of focusing on the length, you should focus on the value. Make sure that your answer is specific and relevant to the question. Do not be ambiguous. Understand the problem of the user expressed in the question and then write the answer aiming at solving it.

Users ask questions to know some tips, methods and ways. Make sure that your answer serves them what they want. Do not write a superficial answer. It should be well researched and knowledge-based answer.

Quora is a great platform to promote your business in the form of questions and answers because people want to know an effective solution to their problems.

Usually, on social media sites, you upload posts that talk about the features and benefits of your products, but they do not tell how exactly they can solve the problems of users.

This is where Quora comes in. This platform can help you provide your users with actual value by answering their questions.

Tips for writing answers on Quora

Just because you have the knowledge and researched your topic does not mean that you have won the battle. You will have to focus on other factors as well. Here are some of the tips you can use while answering on Quora.

  • Your answer should be easy to understand. Try to highlight the most important points and facts, use bullet points and subheading if the answer is lengthy.
  • Support your answer with images and videos. It can impress the user and improve their engagement.
  • If you are making claims and inserting data, you should use links to ensure that you have used the real data.
  • Be genuine while writing the answer. You are not supposed to write it at length. Your focus should be on giving a straight answer to your audience.
  • Add the link to your blog or website or your product page anywhere in the answer so that people can land your site.

Promoting your business on Quora should not be difficult at all. First, you must choose a question relevant to your business and write the answer better than others.

If you provide your users with a high-quality answer, your answer will likely rank at the top, and many people will visit your blog or website.

Most of the time, you use expensive marketing methods and find them with business loans for bad credit, but you can market your business with the most affordable way.

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