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Role of Marketing Tools in Boosting Small Business

Marketing is the principal factor for pulling up the graph of the growth of a company. Small business owners should know about these promotional tools to achieve success.



While it comes to be the factor of business growth, promotional tools unquestionably come first. Be it a small trading company or large promoting through several marketing friendly tools turns the whole process a bit easy. Therefore, the role of promotional tools remains undeniable from every aspect of the graph of growth.

Basically, promotion is an idea to execute marketing extensively. It includes a series of activity which helps to develop the scale from small to medium and medium to large. 4 tools can help in achieving the status of ‘effective marketing’. They are-

  • Advertising
  • Sales promotion
  • Developing good communication
  • Direct marketing

If you ask a successful entrepreneur about his success story, he must include these 4 significant factors. However, let us know in brief how efficiently these tools work to boost a small business.

Business Advertisement –

It is not unknown to us how steadily the graph of the population is growing in the UK. In spite of the presence of a huge number of people, new start-up owners and small shopkeepers have to struggle a lot to attract customers. Suppose, if you have set up a shop and awaits for people to visit hardly 5 people will check-in. Perhaps, it seemed to be uncanny to you even after not keeping any loose ends.

Many other competitors may be selling the same product or even offering the same service in exchange for a high price. Whereas asking for a comparatively lower price, you fail to attract the desired customer base. Do you know the main reason for it? Lack of advertisement!

The advertisement works as a voice of your company. People should know what you are offering and how it can be beneficial for them. To make people know about the existence of your company, there should be a catchy advertisement to which people will be attracted and check in with your shop. Until there is no action of selling, it is impossible to earn revenue out of the start-up.

Remember, an appropriate marketing strategy starts with publicity. Never forget your customer should be influenced by quality services, and the quality of service will bring back a customer repeatedly. To get around a customer towards your company, a catchy advertisement can help.

For instance, it has been observed that even after long, customer checks in with the same car wash service provider because of seeing their advertisement. There is a scope of bringing back old worthy relationships due to good publicity. Besides, good publicity always makes your company more acceptable and increases credibility.

Business Sales Promotion –

Promoting the products through ‘sale’ is another effective way of attracting more customers towards the company. Completely a marketing activity can be done in several ways. Such as:

  • Coupons / bills
  • Discounts
  • Membership

Proper usage of these three sales substances can turn up the hope light of a small company. Let us discuss them in brief.

  • Coupons / bills:

To buy a product and even enjoy a service, a customer should buy coupons, or at the end of the purchase, he will get a bill. Now, this will work as a reminiscence of that particular company from where a person took the service. If the contact number or address and email ID is mentioned in that token, then, whenever needed, the customer will get back to your company.

  • Discounts:

Have you ever resist shopping after hearing the word ‘discount’? Probably no. similarly people have a common habit of running towards that shop which offers huge discounts. New traders are very much fond of following this discount strategy. As people seldom judge a company by its age when there is an ongoing discount.

Very common discount strategy, ‘buy 1 get 1’ offer. People easily attract to that store which displays such type of discount. However, we have also observed lenders offering discounts like, ‘bad credit loans no guarantor needed’. Therefore, borrowers who requires urgent fund easily attract towards that lender.

  • Membership:

To retain customer, one exciting sales promotion could be offering membership. By providing a membership facility, a company can easily maintain a long relationship with a valuable customer. Sometimes, offering discounts in membership program attracts more people to become your regular client.

Developing good communication –

Good communication is a primary factor that helps in the extension of business in an unimaginable way. The first and foremost quality that every seller should possess is nice communication skill. A common habit of buyer is to search the ‘why’ of purchase. Until the buyer satisfies with the product, he never clicks ‘buy now.

However, whenever you confront a prospective buyer inside your shop, you should build a good communication bridge with him. Tactfully a seller needs to understand why he should buy from his shop instead of others. Besides, a business always stands upon worthy investors. Without bulk investment, a company can’t achieve its desired growth.

While good communication boosts the investment amount, bad communication skill can ruin your impression in front of the client. To earn revenue as well as finding worthy investment communicating power plays an important role.

Direct marketing –

Why is direct marketing important? The answer is to reach the maximum number of customers at a time. The process of direct marketing includes several factors. Such as:

  • Telemarketing
  • Electro-media marketing
  • Virtual marketing
  • Email marketing

Although the term may seem like face-to-face marketing, it is not like that.


It includes telephonic communication for the sake of marketing. For instance, if a lender is offering discounts in the rate of interest, then the tele-caller of that company may call the existing as well as non-existing customers and advertise about how much they are offering presently in borrowing minimum 1000 pound loans.

Electro –media marketing:

It includes marketing through electronic media like news, radio, text messages and so on.

Virtual marketing:

To attract more customers nowadays, it is essential to have a virtual shop which people can access from anywhere and anytime. Advertising through own website and another webpage can also help the growth of the business.

Email marketing:

It has become one of the most popular ways now. Advertising by sending email always helps to enhance the organic trafficking of a company’s website.

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