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Missing the Outdoors? Here Are 7 Design Ideas to Transform Your Backyard Into a Resort-Inspired Place

Almost every person from around the world would consider the year 2020 as one of the worst years of their lives.



Almost every person from around the world would consider the year 2020 as one of the worst years of their lives. It was a time where movements of all people were restricted because of the deadly coronavirus. You were even forced to study in front of your laptop’s screen instead of attending face-to-face meetings. You were not able to spend special occasions and holidays outside of the four corners of your home.

A year later, things haven’t been back to normal but limitations and restrictions imposed by the government are no longer as strict as before. However, visiting resorts and traveling from one place to another requires numerous paperwork and a huge amount of money. To avoid these, you probably chose to stay at home 24/7.

Staying indoors has negative effects on your physical health, emotional and mental well-being. You might feel suffocated and disappointed for seeing the same things over and over again. If you are craving new scenery, why not transform your pale backyard into a resort-inspired place?

With just a few decorative items and furniture pieces like chairs, you can enjoy an oasis designed just for you. If the idea of being in a resort amidst the pandemic excites you, then check out the design ideas below that will help make your backyard feel like a resort.

Purchase a hammock

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to have a resort-inspired place is by purchasing an aesthetically pleasing hammock. Hang it somewhere in the place where you can comfortably read, nap, and enjoy your free time. A study shows that seating in a hammock can help reduce your stress and feel more relaxed because of its swinging motion. It can also help you fall asleep quickly and enable you to concentrate more while you are reading.

Having a dining area

Make sure to have a proper table and functional chairs that you can use as a dining area. To make the place more photo-worthy, you may add placemats, cloth napkins, candles, flatware, and a vase of flowers. If you prefer padded chairs and lounge furniture pieces, you have to know how you should clean and take care of them.

Don’t forget to add and change throw pillows regularly to liven up space. It is also recommended to add enough side tables near the chairs so that you will not have any difficulties in finding an area where you would put your drinks.

Install a water feature

To achieve a backyard that feels like a resort, you have to install a water feature. It will surely remind you of you lounging on the beach. Not only can it increase its visual appeal, but can also relax your mind because of the soothing sound of the running water. You may add fountains powered by pumps or solar energy to ensure that it is environmentally sensitive. Make sure to place chairs in front of it where you can sit and enjoy the view.

Add landscape lighting

All resorts ensure that they have tall trees and several plants to attract guests into spending their time outside of their rooms. But besides that, they also add landscape lighting to balance out its overall appearance. Knowing this, it is necessary to add lighting fixtures in your backyard to mimic what resort owners do. If you don’t want to splurge money for lights, you might want to have smaller and DIY ones. But if you are willing to purchase, you can stop by a retailer and buy outdoor rope lights which you can place on the ladders, trees, or plants. For a more festive ambiance, it is advisable to add hanging bulbs to your dining areas and walkways.

Have an area designated for kids

As a parent, your kids’ happiness is also your happiness. Seeing them bored at home during a global pandemic can make you feel bad for them since their childhood is being stolen by the ongoing health crisis. Since you are now probably in the process of renovating your backyard, why not designate an area where your kids can play and receive enough natural light. Make sure to install a water slide or in-ground water features where they can swim. If you want to lessen water usage, you can tell them to play outdoor games instead like duck-duck-goose, freeze tag, and red rover. Don’t forget to purchase chairs for the play area to serve as their resting place.

Add a fire pit or a fireplace

A lot of homeowners thought that a fire pit is an expensive element to have in the house. But what they don’t know is that there are now versions that can fit any budget, lifestyle, and size of the backyard. Make sure to add chairs near it where you can spend your time enjoying the warmth and cozy feel that it can create. Its relaxing ambiance can help you forget for some time the stress and problems that your life has. You can combine modular sets composed of chimneys, wood storage, chairs, brick oven, and fireplaces to create the outdoor area of your dreams.

Allocate space for an outdoor bar

An outdoor bar area can make the place look more elegant and classy. A resort-inspired backyard would never be complete without the presence of an outdoor bar area. It is where you would place your keg taps, sinks, bar chairs, and wines. You can achieve this by purchasing an outdoor bar cart with wheels. It will not break the bank as it costs relatively lower than other options and it is also one of the most affordable that is in the market today. Equip it with a lot of good liquor, mixers, and cocktails for you and your family members to choose from. You may add some of your most favorite drinks from a resort and restaurant that you often visited before the pandemic.


Renovating the backyard is one of the best decisions that a person can make today. It is where you can spend your time whenever you are tired of seeing the four corners of your living room. Besides that, it adds visual interest to the overall look of your humble abode.

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