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Learning to swim out of the water, is it possible?



Learning To Swim

Find out about the importance of the land environment when learning to swim.

Learning to swim is one of the most common activities around the world thanks to the benefits of swimming and lifeguarding class. To achieve this, many people go to swimming pools or other places with water surfaces. But did you know that this wonderful sport can go far beyond water?

Possibly, conceiving swimming outside of environments such as pools, rivers, or other areas where it is practiced regularly is considered crazy for many. However, learning to swim can be done in water-free environments.

Learn to swim

The first thing that appears in the mind of a person who wants to learn to swim is to attend a swimming academy or school. It is the most logical since the principles of this sport are used there and it is taught from the simple to the complex.

In the swimming academy, the processes of familiarization, adaptation, and approach to the various styles that swimming comprises are carried out. Of course, a diagnostic test is performed first to determine how well the apprentice and future swimmer knows.

Is it possible to learn to swim out of water?

While the idea sounds far-fetched, swimming can be conceived out of the water, at the least part of it. Yes or yes it is necessary to enter an aquatic surface to achieve aspects such as flotation and familiarization, therefore learning to swim must always be linked with the water.

Despite this, there are many methodological exercises that can be carried out outside the pool. These favor the learning of swimming; therefore, learning to swim does not depend solely and exclusively on aquatic surfaces.

Exercises to learn out of the water

To improve your technique and learn to swim better, different exercises can be done out of the water. This does not mean that aquatic surfaces such as the swimming pool are left aside, but that they arise as an alternative to improve what is related to this sport discipline.

The following are exercises to improve both technique and physical condition, fundamental aspects of learning to swim.

Hold your breath

Breathing is one of the fundamental points in swimming. To learn to swim, it is advisable to have good lung condition in order to resist underwater. To do this, exercises can be done out of the water while holding your breath.

Standing with the arms accompanying the inspiration, it is necessary to hold your breath for 30-second intervals. After a time, breathe out slowly through your mouth and repeat at least 10 times.

Chair kick

Swimming styles are made up of strokes and kicks, movements that allow propulsion in the water. To learn to swim, it is necessary to coordinate both movements; therefore, the technique must be gradually improving.

A methodological exercise out of the water is the chair kick. The only thing that is needed is an armchair or a wall of 30 or 40 centimeters high to sit down.

Sitting at the end of the chair (toe), asymmetrical kicks are performed simulating the gesture of freestyle and back. 5 sets of 15 repetitions are carried out. Also, symmetrical kicks such as butterfly or chest kicks can be done, following the indications of the monitor.


This is one of the best-known exercises in functional training. The main objective of its practice is to work on aerobic conditions and resistance to strength, aspects necessary to learn to swim.

Being one of the most demanding sports, swimming requires a high level of physical condition. For this reason. The exercises that work on this quality should be done regularly.

An advantage of this exercise is that it is only necessary to count on the body to execute it. The burpees should be done starting in the standing position. Then the knees are bent and the hands are supported. Then feet back are carried into position by the pushup. Finally, he climbs in and takes a jump. The best thing to do is to perform 2 sets of 10 repetitions each to gradually adapt.

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Water is essential to learn to swim

In conclusion, water is the essential element to learn to swim. “However” there are many tools such as methodological and conditioning exercises that can be done out of the water.

Therefore, swimming learners are advised to get the most out of the exercises out of the water to improve their aquatic performance.

Initially, it was born as a variant of the breaststroke, hence its simultaneous movements in terms of stroke and kick. However, it is the most current of all since it was born in approximately 1950.

In training and learning schools swimming is the last style to be taught due to its high complexity. To practice it, it is recommended to have high levels of strength, coordination and endurance.

The butterfly style is performed in the prone or ventral position and is comprised of undulations or flaps similar to those of some sea fish.

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