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How to teach a dog to fetch the ball By big gemini kennel



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Among the basic How to teach a dog, education or training exercises that we can do with our dog, is to teach him to bring the ball and to release it when we ask, to be able to throw it back if we want.

Association and order of releasing the ball

Before you even teach him to go for the ball, it is very convenient to show him the ball and let him play with it for a while. It goes without saying that the balls must be of quality because if they are not, they will break them in a short time and possibly swallow pieces of it (something very not recommended).

When our dog is familiar with the ball, we must give it to him to hold in his mouth and congratulate him. Then we will put an open hand next to his mouth so that he releases the ball and we will give him the order to “give it to me” or “let go”.

When he releases it, we must congratulate him a lot and give him a prize, a biscuit for dogs or a piece of sausage, we must use positive reinforcement so that he associates that releasing the ball at our command is something good that has a reward.

If the dog does not release the ball, we should not try to take it away because then he will understand that he is doing well by biting it hard.

We must insist again and again until he gives us the ball, without losing calm and with great patience, if after about fifteen minutes he does not give it to us.

We can try to bribe him with a little food, and when he releases the ball, congratulate him.

Some dogs learn in a single day and others in two or three weeks. You just have to have a little patience and be constant, practicing a little every day.

Teach the dog to bring the ball and release at our command

Once we have mastered the previous step, it is time to put into practice the game of throwing and fetching the ball.

For this, it is best to go to an open field or dog park (preferably without dogs to be able to educate our own without distractions).

We will show the ball to our dog and we will move it a little, causing him to bite it but without letting him do it. Then we will throw it away and give it the order to “search” or “take it.”

Our dog does not think of a game but that the ball is like prey in motion, so it will run towards it until it catches it.

When he does, we must call him and ask him to sit in front of us, give him the order to release the ball, and when he does, give him a prize and many congratulations.

If the dog does not return, we will take a second ball identical to the first and when the dog has taken the first we will call him and we will show him the second.

He will come to try to catch it too, when he does we will give him the order to sit down and release the ball. If you do, we will congratulate you and give you an award.

We must throw the ball to him several times but without overdoing it. Leaving him time between ball and ball to rest and nibble a little on the ball, to enjoy it. This game is not to exercise our dog, it is to have fun for a while.

If we observe that our dog shows white foam in his mouth, we must stop the game and give him some water to cool him down.

The white foam is normally saliva, giving it water little by little so that it does not feel bad, it will disappear.

The rubber balls that they sell at very cheap prices are made of a very soft foam that breaks very easily. We can buy racquetball balls, which are made of hard and elastic rubber that is almost unbreakable. They are inexpensive and will last a long time. We can also use small bongs with or without a rope or any of your favorite toys. Do not use tennis balls as they are toxic.

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How to teach a Pitbull not to bite

All puppies bite, absolutely all of them. They bite their beds, they bite the furniture, they bite their toys, and they even bite us. It is completely natural since they use their mouth for absolutely everything, just like we use our hands.

On the other hand. There is the stage in which the teeth come out or are moved by the permanent ones. Which we know as the teething period. What causes them pain and the need to relieve themselves by biting things.

Teaching our Pit Bull puppy not to bite is actually very simple, as well as mandatory. When our dog bites us, we will scold him to stop doing it. We must never hit them, only scold them. Then, we will take a toy or dog bite and we will play with it so that it bites it. The most normal thing is to play catch it and I throw it to see if I take it away….

When you bite the toy while we play, we will congratulate you. If he bites clothes, furniture, or anything else, we will do the same.

Scold him and give him a toy to chew on. In this way he will learn that he can bite his toys but not other things.

If our Best pitbull kennel ​bites a person, we must firmly scold and punish him. The punishment consists of sitting him down and looking at him with an angry face for a few minutes so that he understands that we really have gotten angry.

You can read more information about how to solve these types of behavior problems here. How to prevent a puppy from biting.

How to train an adult Pit Bulldog

Unfortunately, and given that it is a very strong breed with a very marked character if you have adopted an adult Pit Bull our advice is that you go to a professional trainer as soon as possible

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