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How to download Total Security Antivirus Software



Antivirus software is developed to secure the systems and data from Trojans, viruses, worms and spyware, malware, adsware, phishing, and so on. In this era of 21st century, technology has advanced to a stage where corporations and companies are benefiting from it, but they are also dealing with the negative impacts too.

Technology development has led to increasing the data security and security risks for businesses and customers because hackers are coming up with a variety of methods and tricksHence, the only solution that has proven beneficial in mitigating the probability of security breaches is an antivirus software.

In the current scenario of covid-19, more than half of the population are working from home , which means the virus is kept in check. It has been evaluated that currently due to global outbreaks, the risk of security-related attacks has increased dramatically as individuals are using their system regularly.

Therefore, it is easy for attackers to break into the system and damage the saved data in the system. The reason is, they use it or harm it for stupid reasonsTherefore, it is important to the user to comprehend the significance of using an Total Security Antivirus Software software as it is the best option.

Let’s talk more in depth about different aspects that software has to offer.

Why there is a need of using Protegent Antivirus?

To answer this question, we’ll look at two scenarios so that it will be more clear about the necessity of software.

Nick and Tom work in the “ABC” Company and both are team leaders for the same organization as it specializes in data management services for the customers . They are also offering services to other companies as well. Two managers were hired since managing the data is a complicated task and they are not able to be trusted with the security measures. Nick has been working in the IT and security industry for more than 10 years and Tom has 8 years of experience.

They both were handed over the responsibility to make sure that there is no problem linked to the security. Let’s discuss Nick. Nick who is responsible for the Total Security of the business. He has taken care to integrate security measures that can help the business with managing security. Even afterall the years of experience Nick had not installed the antivirus software and had to deal with the problems in system.

The system had been compromised and data was lostIt was discovered that there was a slowing of the system as well as also suspicious activities in the system and found out that attackers had inserted the virus into the systemHe was terminated from the business.

On the other hand, Tom who holds the 8 years of experience has provided a reliable security to systems. What’s more, Tom does not have to check at the system each hour. The reason for augmented security is the installation of Protegent antivirus applicationHe had also recommended the same solution to Nick but he was quite too confident to manage the task on his ownThis software upgrades the system for Tom regularly and alerts him whenever there’s suspicious activitiesAdditionally, Tom does not have to worry about the security of his data because the software won’t let unauthorized access the system, and it encrypts data in a secure way.

As we conclude this story, it would have been clear that as of this moment how crucial Protegent antivirus software isThe most important thing is that any company that are experts in handling information should not overlook the necessity of this software to avoid the probability of any cyber-attack or security risk.

Benefits of Protegent Antivirus

Let’s check-out the benefits Protegent antivirus provides to the customers:

  • One of the primary advantages of using this software is the fact that it ensures that the system is secure from virus and any kind of transmission. The user will be able identify the virus in advance and its removal could be initiated. The program takes care of everything by itself.
  • Spam ads and popup ads are the main cause of infections these days and removing them is a complex task. But, Protegent antivirus software use to solve this issue and efficiently. It not only fight against them but also makes certain the network access is blocked for unauthorized entities.
  • Fake email has become an everyday thing in modern timesIt becomes problematic for the users to identify whether they’re authentic or not since they appear to be so realIn this scenario, again Protegent antivirus plays an important function. If it’s already installed in the system then there is no need to fret because it detects suspicious emails and deletes it before it could lead to harming the system. It also blocks access to information for an unidentified user.
  • Another reason to use this program is the security of removable devices. It is difficult to detect any malicious activity in the devices such as pen drives, USBs, CD/DVDs but the use of software benefits in eliminating this issue in additionIt scans the device when connecting to the operating system and if there is any suspicious activity, it blocks the entry of it within the system.

Features of Protegent Antivirus

Coming to the features of software, follow the discussion below:

  • The integration of advanced cloud protection technology is to help identify new security threats. It also ensures that the additional layer of security is executed within the system and on data.
  • The function of active virus control is embedded in the software as it has the capacity to keep track of the applications that are running in the background of the PC. It also helps in finding out the source of malware and other objects which are not ethical.
  • The malware prevention feature is available in the software because it assists in monitoring malware constantlyIf malware is detected and removed, the program will remove it from the system without the user’s knowledge.
  • Setting protection can be present in the program which helps in protecting the settings for a user with the password. The software doesn’t let an unauthorised user alter or modify the settings even when they hold the administrator’s rights.
  • The hourly update feature helps in providing updates every hour and securing the system from viruses .


Concluding the write-up, it has been concluded that the use for Protegent antivirus software is proven to be beneficial to both users and corporatesIt has become one the most sought-after software products only because of its effectivenessIt has offered amazing benefits with exceptional capabilities and distinctive modules.

In the current situation, most of the people are working from home due to coronavirus so the software is a great savior as it would help to protect the system and data in totality, since the likelihood of cyberattacks or security threats are also increasing with the epidemic.

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