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3 Qualities that every Digital Marketing Strategist must have



Digital Marketing Strategist

Nowadays, saying that you are an expert Digital Marketing Strategist is relatively easy. Change your bio on Instagram or Twitter, post a couple of stats on Linkedin, and bam! clever.

But what qualities should a digital strategist have that really brings results to the companies or clients with whom he works?

This time I want to focus on the so-called soft skills.

those soft skills that are not learned in any diploma or online course.

What are the hard skills and what are the soft skills? Jose Luis Francia explains it like this on the Aptitus blog :

Hard skills or technical:

  1. Mastering a foreign language
  2. A degree or certificate
  3. Fast typing
  4. Machinery handling
  5. Software management

Soft skills:

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Flexibility
  • Patience
  • Persuasion
  • Time management
  • Motivation, etc.

Interstellar Consulting Denmark says in this interesting interview:

If we made a list of the qualities that the person with whom we want to work, or with whom we want to associate, should have, the list would include very few hard skills.

In reality, most companies look for people who have a vision.

Who can communicate their ideas clearly, who is honest, who can transform themselves, who are interested in people’s problems ”.

And this reminds me of a graphic designer that I knew years ago. He was not the most creative person. His design level was below the average for designers he had worked with.

But he had one quality: excellent dealings with clients and a unique ability to strike up conversations with them.

This designer had more clients than several designers she knew, and not because of her talent.

But because of those soft skills that characterized her, and made her unique.

Transferring these ideas to the world of digital marketing.

we analyze here what are the qualities that a digital strategist should have.

1. A digital strategist must adapt, must be able to change

The world of digital marketing moves at a terrifying speed with new updates and changes occurring daily.

These accounts are very popular because they report the constant changes.

Updates, and new features of social networks and other digital platforms.

Consultant Mark has an interesting phrase that every digital strategist should keep in mind:

A clear example of this is the role of SEO or a specialist in web positioning. Years ago this role or role was quite technical in nature.

But now it can also encompass content creation and relationship building methods for doing link building.

To be successful in your career.

A digital strategist must be someone who is not only open to change but actually proposes it. Someone who is rather afraid of being stagnant.

2. The Eye of the Tiger factor

One of the most important factors that define the success of a marketing strategist’s career is their hunger to continually learn.

In this scene from Rocky III, Apollo Creed is shown encouraging.

Rocky Balboa to regain his hunger to win. Creed encourages Balboa to regain the eyes of the champions, that “eye of the tiger”.

” The eye of the tiger ” in this film means the hunger to want to be better, the hunger to want to improve.

Tt is the characteristic of those who know that they are not the best, and that drives them to give twice as much.

The hunger to learn is a crucial characteristic for any digital strategist because online marketing is a field with so many facets.

It is practically impossible to assume that you already know everything.

Only one thing will ensure that the digital strategist stays up-to-date with industry news and trends: their passion.

In digital marketing, it is essential that you find the area of ​​specialization that you are most passionate about.

The area that you would read even in your free time, the area that you would miss if you lost your job or your clients tomorrow.

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3. The ability to accept help and be able to work as a team

My mother is an excellent cook but she has a small flaw: she is a perfectionist and does not like others to help her.

In companies, it is common to find people who prefer to work in isolation. But to be honest, successful geologists are extremely outliers.

Even though there are currently platforms that facilitate certain tasks.

If a digital strategist pretends to be the one who writes the blog.

Who designs, who has contact with the client, who activates the campaigns on Facebook, and who fulfills the role of Community Manager.

He is definitely going to have very frustrating and unproductive days.

The best marketers have a good understanding of various areas of digital marketing, and yet they specialize in one thing.

This is just a small summary of the soft skills that any digital strategist should have. Sure, technical knowledge is essential. But in a world of “experts” what makes you unique is that added value, which only you can contribute.

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